Oregon Bill of Sale

Oregon bill of sale forms provide vital information about personal item sales. The details concerning the item, and also the vendor and purchaser, are outlined in the form. These forms are mostly used for items with high monetary worth, like automobiles and watercraft.

Oregon DMV bill of sale template

Oregon Bill of Sale

Types of Oregon Bill of Sale Forms

Boat bill of sale

An Oregon boat bill of sale is a legalized paper that serves as proof of a vessel's proprietorship transfer in the state of Oregon. The document will highlight the details of the purchaser and vendor, as well as a description of the vessel being sold and the terms of its sale. The form may be needed for registration based on the situation of the proprietorship transfer, and it will be useful for tax reasons.

Firearm bill of sale

An Oregon firearm bill of sale is used to show the lawful transaction of a weapon in the state. This document contains details about the vendor, the purchaser, and the weapon at the heart of the transaction. Because it can serve as documentation of a legitimate transfer of proprietorship, this form will need to be notarized.

General bill of sale

An Oregon general bill of sale is a legalized paper used to verify that a legitimate transaction of a personal item took place between two private people or businesses. The form asks for information on the vendor(s), the purchaser(s), and the properties(s) being transacted. This paper will need to be notarized.

Vehicle bill of sale

An Oregon car bill of sale is a legalized paper that proves a vehicle's proprietorship has been lawfully transferred in the state of Oregon. The car, the vendor, and the purchaser will all be detailed on this form. This document does not need to be notarized, but the parties should keep it as a record. Within ten days after the automobile's sale, the vendor has to notify the DMV, and the purchaser has to register the car within thirty days of acquisition.

Forms for Automobile Registration

  • Form 735-226, Application for Title and Registration;

  • A Sale Document;

  • An acceptable driver's permit is required;

  • All licensing, title and documentation costs must be paid. 

  • Evidence of insurance coverage that meets Oregon's minimum criteria;

  • An Odometer Disclosure Statement is required for automobiles that are below ten years old.

  • For automobiles with below 7,500 miles and of the model year 2009 or more recent, evidence of agreement with Oregon's Low Emissions Motor vehicle Requirement: 

    • Hybrid, electric, and government cars are mechanically freed; others have to file a Statement of Exemption if they do not fulfill the demands or specifications.

  • For automobiles that are new to Oregon State:

    • Prototype proprietorship documentation, like the title from the state that the car was for old automobiles or the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin for brand new vehicles, 

      • A Vehicle Identification Number check, which can be booked at a local Division of Motor Vehicle Service Center - this is mandatory for old vehicles that are new to Oregon.

    • To receive and tender a Certificate of Compliance, cars new to Oregon that belong to residents of the Portland Metro Area or the Rogue Valley Area must pass an emissions test administered by the Department of Environmental Quality.

  • Vehicles purchased outside of the United States are subject to the following terms:

    • Evidence that the automobile measures up to the federal standards, like concluded Customs and Border Protection Form 7501;

    • Evidence of alien claim release with Form 735-6436;

  • Automobile change inside Oregon are handled as follows:

    • The prototype Oregon title, or a substitute title if it cannot be found;

    • Former proprietors' sale document;

  • A Certificate of Compliance from the Department of Environmental Quality for automobiles that exceeds the model year 2018 after passing an emissions test;

  • Evidence of the former owner's demise and details on the estate's bequeathed status is required for automobiles that were not bought but were given over through a bequeathal. 

  • Evidence of a claim release on the swapped title if the vehicle was previously subject to a lien. As different from other states, Oregon does not permit the trading or donation of automobiles that are subject to a claim; and 

  • A Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form if a representative is purchasing the vehicle in place of the car owner.

Forms for vessel documentation

  • Sales Document

  • A concluded vessel Title or Registration Request (Form 250-R07);

  • Purchasers of brand new vessels will require a statement of origin from the manufacturer.

  • Purchasers of old vessels with extant titles, whether from Oregon or a different state, will need to have them signed over.

  • A Missing or Replacement Vessel Title Application is required if the boat was acquired in Oregon but the title is not available.

  • Evidence of a Hull Identification Number (HIN) check from Marine Law Enforcement for houseboats and those without a title;

  • All documentation costs must be paid following this cost schedule;

Forms for weapons registration

  • You have to be a United States resident or a legitimate foreigner who would have the ability to record continuing occupancy in the US for not less than six months and has stated your intention to obtain citizenship in writing to the Immigration Naturalization Service (Form N300).

  • You have to be not less than twenty-one years old and can present evidence by way of state identity papers;

  • You may have no legitimate terms that would ban you from owning a weapon under State or Federal regulations;

  • It's possible that you don't have any outstanding arrest warrants;)

  • You may not have been scandalously dismissed from any of the Armed Services divisions;

  • You may not be an illegal handler (recorded or known) of or dependent on drugs;

  • You may not be on any type of pre-trial release; 

  • You may not be mandated to register as a sex crime in any state in the US; 

  • You may not have been sentenced of a crime or found culpable of a crime within 4 years before applying for a weapon, except under ORS 161.295; and 

  • You may not be subject to any excerpts given under ORS 163.735 or a command given under ORS 30.866, 107, that is, trailing or any restraining rules

  • Any of the following methods must be used to showcase proficiency with a pistol:

    • If pistol safety was a vital element of the module, accomplishment of any hunter education or hunter safety module certified by the State Department of Fish and Wildlife or other equivalent organization of a state;

    • The accomplishment of any weapons welfare or training module offered by the National Rifle Association;

    • Any weapons safety coaching module or class has to be concluded. It has to be open to the public. Law enforcement, community colleges, private or public institutions or organizations, or weapon coaching schools may offer the course.

      • Instructors have to be authorized by the National Rifle Association or a law enforcement agency, particularly if weapon safety is a requirement of the training; 

  • Evidence of identity; and 

  • Licensing cost.

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