Oklahoma Bill of Sale

Oklahoma Bill of Sale forms are legal documents that describe the specifics of private property transactions between two parties To be legitimately binding, the form has to be autographed by both parties involved. The forms can be utilized for almost any sort of item possessed by a private person or company.

Oklahoma bill of sale

Oklahoma Bill of Sale

Form Types

Firearm bill of sale

An Oklahoma weapon bill of sale is a legalized paper that establishes that a handgun was sold and purchased in the state of Oklahoma in accordance with all suitable regulations. Because there are no licensing rules for handgun buying or possession in Oklahoma, this contract may be viewed as additional security for the individuals or entities involved. 

General bill of sale

An Oklahoma general bill of sale is a legalized paper that proves the transaction of private items between two private individuals or entities. This document contains details about the vendor, the purchaser, and the item, as well as a written disclosure of any potential flaws. Authentication is required.

Motor Vehicle bill of sale

An Oklahoma motor vehicle bill of sale is a legalized paper that lays out the details of the change of proprietorship and presents a written record of the transaction. It will contain details on the vendor, the purchaser, and the car itself. It is likely that this form will be needed for automobile documentation.

Boat bill of sale

An Oklahoma boat bill of sale is a legalized paper that documents the change of proprietorship of a watercraft in the state. A bill of sale will contain the purchaser's and vendor's names, a word picture of the vessel, and the conditions of the transaction. This form is not required to be authenticated, although it may be handy for tax purposes.

Forms for vehicle documentation

  • An authenticated Declaration of Automobile Purchase Price or a Sale Document produced by contract between the vendor and the purchaser;

  • If you're looking for a prototype Oklahoma title:

    • If it's a new car bought in-state, the manufacturer's certificate of origin, or if it's an old automobile acquired from another state, the out-of-state title;

      • If the vehicle was bought from a different state, documentation of survey from an Oklahoma Tag Agent is required.

    • A finished Oklahoma Paper of Title for a Vehicle Application (Form 701-6);

  • If you're looking for an Oklahoma title transfer, for example, an old car you bought in the state, the present title has already been shifted to you;

  • Statement on the Odometer. It should be noted that if the car that is traded is for not less than ten years old, this may not be required.

  • An acceptable driver's permit is required;

  • If the automobile is subject to a claim, for example, one that is being acquired with financing or one that was acquired with financing formerly, a claim report is required:

    • A claim on an automobile can be entered, freed, and confirmed by the Lien Division of the Motor Vehicle Department.

    • If a claim is not freed, it will remain attached to the car and appear on the purchaser's new title.

    • Two signed copies of a Release of Lien form are required if the claim holder is freeing the lien: one to be forwarded to the State Tax Commission and the other to be provided to the borrower.

    • Check Form FL-21 for more details on motor vehicle liens.

  • Liability insurance validation. 

  • Along with any unpaid taxes, fines, interest, and penalty charges related to the plate, there are excise and sales taxes, as well as any titling and documentation costs;

  • A Motor Car Power of Attorney is required if an agent is buying the car on behalf of the new owner.

  • Documentation cost and

  •  Title cost.

Forms for vessel documentation

  • A finished Request for Certificate of Title for a Boat or Outboard Motor (Form BM-26);

  • A Sale Document;

  • If the vessel was formerly titled in Oklahoma, a Boat or Outboard Motor Serial Number Confirmation (Form BM-10), finished by the vendor;

  • If the vessel was previously titled in another state, the out-of-state title, and evidence of examination by an Oklahoma tag agent;

  • If the vessel was acquired brand new from a merchant, a manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO) if the vessel has been acquired brand new; and

  • Remittance of excise tax, titling cost, documentation cost, and, if it applies, other divers charges.

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