New York Bill of Sale

New York bill of sale forms keeps track of the details of a private property transaction and transfer between two parties. Specific information regarding the belongings, and also the purchaser and vendor, are included in the document. These forms are most useful for valuable belonging transactions, like vehicles and vessels, however, they may theoretically be used for any tangible personal item transfer.

New York bill of sale

New York Bill of Sale

Types of New York Bill of Sale

Boat bill of sale

A New York boat bill of sale is required to register a vessel in the state of New York and acts as confirmation that an individual/entity completed the legalized sale of a vessel to another person/entity.

General bill of sale

A New York general bill of sale in New York is a legalized paper used by two private individuals to establish the legal transaction of any personal property. The vendor, purchaser, proprietorship transfer, and any identifying details regarding the sold property are all listed on the form. This document has to be notarized.

Gun bill of sale

A New York gun bill of sale is a legalized paper that verifies that a firearm was transacted, or transferred in accordance with all applicable regulations in the state of New York. The vendor, the purchaser, and the weapon at the core of the transaction are all identified in this document.

Motor Vehicle bill of sale

A New York motor vehicle bill of sale is a legalized paper that proves that the vehicle was legally sold and obtained in the state. The paperwork also serves as proof of the automobile's proprietorship transfer. It keeps track of details about the purchaser, vendor, and vehicle that are required for documentation and title.

Forms for Vehicle Registration

  • Statement of Transaction (Form DTF-802); 

  • Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form MV-103); 

  • Sale Document; 

  • Automobile Documentation/Title Application (Form MV-82);

  • Certificate of Title or other evidence of proprietorship (replacement titles are available through the New York DMV website);

  • An acceptable driver's permit is required.

  • If someone else registers the vehicle on behalf of the car owner, a New York Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is required.

  • Fees for documentation, as well as

  • Evidence of insurance that meets the minimum specifications: 

    • Ten thousand US dollars for a single accident, in belonging destruction

    • A person engaged in an accident is entitled to twenty-five thousand US dollars for a physical wound and fifty thousand US dollars for demise.

    • Fifty thousand US dollars for physical wound and hundred thousand US dollars for demise for two or more persons in an accident

Vessel Documentation Forms

  • Sale Document;

  • Vessel Registration / Title Application (Form MV-82B);

  • Certificate of title;

  • Evidence of identity;

  • Evidence of Proprietorship; and

  • Documentation charges.

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