Nevada Bill of Sale

To prove that two private individuals have been involved in a legal sale and purchase of vehicles, guns, vessels, and private items, a Nevada bill of sale form is drawn. The form confirms that there has been a transfer of ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. These forms usually contain essential information about the parties involved in the transaction as well as the object of sale. 

Nevada bill of sale

Nevada Bill of Sale

Types of Nevada Bill of Sale 

  1. General Bill of Sale – When there has been a sales transaction involving the buying and selling of private properties, this bill of sale form is drawn.

  2. Bill of Sale For Firearms – When there has been a sales transaction (buying and selling) involving guns, this bill of sale form is drawn.

  3. Bill of Sale For Motor Vehicles – When there has been a sales transaction involving the buying, selling, and transfer of title of a vehicle, this bill of sale form is drawn.

  4. Bill of Sale For Watercrafts – When there has been a sales transaction involving a boat, this bill of sale form is drawn

Registration Requirements For Vehicles

  • Proof of Purchase (which is a Bill of Sale (Form VP-104) in this case);

  • Mileage Declaration Form (also known as an Odometer Disclosure Statement (Federal Form));

  • Document proving that title has been transferred ( however, in the absence of this as a result of it being misplaced, you can visit the Department of Motor Vehicles online platform to get a duplicate);

  • A permit to drive as approved by the state of Nevada;

  • In cases where someone else is registering the vehicle in place of the original vehicle owner, a Nevada Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is needed;

  • Payment of Registration Costs;

  • A document confirming that the vehicle has been insured with Limited Coverages:

    • When there is damage to a property, $20,000 is paid;

    • When an accident leads to physical injury of one person or loss of life of one person, $25,0000 is paid;

    • When an accident results in physical injury or death of more than one person, $50,000 is paid.

Registration Requirement For Vessels

  • Proof of purchase (which is a Bill of Sale in this case);

  • An MSO (also known as a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin) or a document showing title transfer;

  • Document confirming the payment of sales tax;

  • Payment of Registration Costs;

  • Your nine-digit SSN (Social Security Number).

Registration Requirements For Guns And To Obtain CCW Permits

  • Age is a major determinant of one’s eligibility to own a gun; such a person must be up to twenty-one (21) years old;

  • Must be legally eligible to own a gun; i.e. he/she must not have been judged as a felon, a substance abuser, a perpetrator of domestic violence, or a mentally unstable individual;

  • He/she must not have any pending warrants for arrest;

  • He/she must not have been arrested for any Driving While Intoxicated case from the previous years (up to five (5) years);

  • In the last three (3) years, he/she must not have been accused and pronounced guilty of any Misdemeanor in relation to violence;

  • He/she must not have any unsettled criminal case that would hinder him/her from being permitted to own a firearm;

  • He/she should not have been (for over five years) or should not be a patient in a mental hospital;

  • He/she must have finalized all the steps to acquire a permit to own a gun, filed all the necessary documents, and must have as well paid the necessary costs;

  • He/she must have gone through a necessary and approved guns training process that enables him/her to obtain the permit to carry concealed weapons;

  • He/she must provide means of identification including his/her photograph and fingerprints to finalize this process. Persons are also required to visit any Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW) office near them, to submit their application;

  • To finally process the permit, any person submitting applications would have a thorough history check done on him/her. When the permit has been assented to, it will be mailed to the applicant via U.S mail.

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