Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale

To confirm the legality of a sales transaction involving a boat and to show that the boat title has successfully been transferred, a Mississippi boat bill of sale is drawn. This document usually entails essential details about the person buying, the person selling and the boat sold; these details are necessary for the registration of the boat.It is necessary that the person buying and the person selling imprint their signatures on the document; this document must afterward be approved by authorized individuals. 

Mississippi boat bill of sale template

Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale

Vessel Registration

In the state of Mississippi, all automatically driven boats must be registered. Any person who just recently purchased a boat must submit an application to register it within ten (10) days of purchasing it. These registrations last for three (3) years and after expiration, renewals can be done via the renewal webpage, by calling the registration department’s number (1-800-546-4868), or by sending a mail to the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Headquarters in Mississippi.

Registration Center

As stated above, the registration center is where registration mail is to be sent to.

The address of the center is: MDWFP Boat Registration, 1505 Eastover Dr., Jackson, MS 39211.

Documents Needed for Registration

  • Proof of purchase and sale (which is a Bill of Sale in this case);

  • Document showing transfer of ownership (in cases where the vessel was owned by someone else, before the new owner acquired it);

  • A completely filled application to register vessels in Mississippi;

  • A completely filled application for the transfer of title of vessels; and

  • Payment of Registration costs.

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