Minnesota firearm bill of sale

To prove that there has been a sales transaction involving the buying, selling, and transfer of title of a firearm from one party to another, a Minnesota gun bill of sale is drawn. It is a formal document that contains vital details about the person buying, the person selling and the object of sale (firearm). The buyer and seller, alongside two other parties, are to imprint their signature on this form in order to prove its legality.

Minnesota firearm bill of sale

Minnesota firearm bill of sale

Who Can Sell A Firearm?

In Minnesota, any person who is permitted by law to own a gun also reserves the right to sell a gun. 

Who Cannot Purchase A Gun?

In Minnesota, to purchase a firearm, you must have obtained a permit to carry a firearm. However, an individual might be hindered from obtaining a permit if he/she is:

  • Not up to 18 years old (refer to MN Stat § 624.713 to see exceptions to this);

  • Has been convicted of committing violent crimes, a felony, a misdemeanor, etc;

  • Has been admitted to a medical facility as a result of substance abuse;

  • Has been convicted for committing a criminal offense by a juvenile court;

  • Has been convicted of the crime of domestic violence/abuse;

  • Wanted for committing a criminal offense:

  • An alien who disregards the law of Minnesota;

  • No longer a citizen of the USA by renunciation.

Refer to section MN Stat § 624.713 for more information on these prohibitions.

Gun Registration

Pursuant to MN Stat § 624.714(20)(d), a privately owned firearm is not required to be registered.

Carrying Hidden Weapons

As stated earlier, any person who intends to carry a concealed weapon must first obtain a permit to do so. To qualify for the application for this permit, such a person must be up to 21 years old. Below are steps that must be followed to successfully complete the process of application:

  1. Following the provisions of MN Stat § 624.714(2)(b)(1), the applicant must have taken and concluded a training course to safely use guns;

  2. The applicant must have also completely filled a Minnesota Uniform Firearm Application Permit to Carry a Pistol form and submit it in-person to any sheriff’s department near his locality;

  3. Within 30 days of submission, this application will be allowed or denied. 

2 Way Recognition

As stated in MN Stat § 624.714(16), any person who does not originally live in Minnesota and who obtained his/her permit from any other state in the United States, will be allowed to carry concealed guns within the state of Minnesota. However, there are states that this law does not apply to. 

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