Minnesota bill of sale

To prove that there has been a legal purchase and sale of motor vehicles, boats, guns, and even personal properties in Minnesota, a Minnesota bill of sale form is drawn. This form usually contains vital information about the person buying, the person selling and the item of sale; and some of them are to be approved by authorized persons.

Minnesota vehicle bill of sale form

Minnesota bill of sale

Different Forms of Minnesota Bill of Sale Forms

  1. Bill of Sale for a Vessel – This form is used to prove that there has been a transfer of title of a boat from the person selling to the person buying.

  1. Bill of Sale for Gun – This stands as proof that a firearm has been legally transferred from a person selling to a person buying.

  2. General Bill of Sale – For personal properties, a general bill of sale is drawn to prove that it(the personal property) was legally sold or purchased.

  3. Bill of Sale for Vehicles – To prove that there has been a legal sale and purchase of vehicles in the state of Minnesota, this form is drawn.

Requirements For Registration of Vehicles

  • Proof of purchase (which is a Bill of Sale in this case);

  • Mileage Declaration Form (also known as an Odometer Disclosure Statement (Federal Form));

  • Certificate showing Change of Ownership (incase certificate is misplaced, it can be replaced via mail or physically at the Office of the Deputy Registrar);

  • A driving permit that is recognised in Minnesota;

  • In cases where someone else registers the vehicle in place of the original owner of the vehicle, a Minnesota Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is needed;

  • Payment of Registration Cost;

  • Document showing that the vehicle is Insured with limited coverages:

    • $10,000 and above when damage is caused to property;

    • $30,000 and above when one person suffers from physical injury;

    • $60,000 and above when more than one person suffers from bodily injury.

Registration Requirements For a Vessel

Payment of registration costs.

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