Free Maryland Bill of Sale Form Templates

To confirm the legality of a transaction between a buyer and a seller, a legal document called the Maryland Bill of Sale Form is drawn. The people involved in this transaction may be a merchant and an individual or two private individuals. These documents also confirm that title has been transferred from one person to another. For some of the documents to be regarded as legitimate, there has to be a seal or stamp or some sort of signature by an authorized person on it. 

Maryland bill of sale form template

Free Maryland Bill of Sale Form Templates

Types of Maryland Bill of Sale Forms

There are four types of Maryland bill of sale forms used for different purposes and they include:

 Requirements For The Registration Of A Vessel In Maryland

  • When registering a new vessel, you will need to submit the original MCO, also known as the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin. In doing this you may need a bill of sale stamped or sealed by the appropriate authority. This is only necessary if valid information such as the date of manufacture or price of manufactured goods, etc, wasn’t included in the original MCO.

  • A completely filled application form used in registering a vessel is also necessary.

  • For pre-owned vessels, proof of purchase (which is a bill of sale in this case) is required.

  • The individual is to make a payment of/for: 5% vessel excise fee, a registration fee that costs $24 for more vessels than the others, and any other cost needed for the successful registration of the vessel. A vessel excise fee is to be paid within 30 days of buying the vessel; if this is not done within that time, there would be a penalty, in which one might be required to pay extra charges.

  • There is no need to pay a registration fee for vessels under 16 feet and less than a 7.6 Horse Power motor, however, there must be a registration label tagged to the vessel. 

Requirements For The Registration Of Firearms In Maryland

  • Your fingerprint will be needed to confirm your identity and to check your identity history. To do this, locate a place near you that is involved in fingerprinting services. This requirement is to be concluded before you are allowed to go through any other application process.

  • A face Identification (usually a photo)

  • Individuals applying must show that they have completed a legitimate course on Firearms Safety Training with a minimum of four hours of training. This must be done three(3) years before they are to submit an application for a Handgun Qualification License. 

  • The initial application fee is about $50 and a payment of $20 should also be made for registering fingerprints. 

  • You will be reached out to via the address you provided during the application by mail once your application is approved.

Requirements For Registering A Vehicle In Maryland

  • Compulsory submission of a concluded Application for Certificate of Title (form VR-005) must be made. This certificate is proof that there has been a transfer of title and that registration has been made

  • A pictorial means of identification

  • A document showing that the vehicle has been insured.

  • Proof of purchase (in this case, a bill of sale)

  • Documents to show ownership.

  • The information of any person who you lent you some sort of resource, and who also has an interest in the property you are currently registering(Called a lienholder); if there is any. 

  • An odometer disclosure stating an accurate mileage of your vehicle. 

  • A document stating that your vehicle has gone through the necessary safety examination; this document is valid for ninety(90) days after the examination has been concluded and a certificate of conclusion has been issued.

  • If an agent or another person besides you is assisting you in the title registration of the vehicle, a Power of attorney will be needed.

  • Finally, you are to make tax payments and also pay the accurate registration fees.

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