Kentucky Bill of Sale

The Kentucky bill of sale forms are legal documents that record transactions related to the transfer of ownership for property between private individuals and entities. It covers things such as vessels, vehicles, firearms, jewelry, furniture, and so many other types of property.  The bill of sale includes important information about the transaction such as descriptions of the items sold, parties involved, the purchase amount, and more. Of course, it needs to be signed by the buyer and seller and some bill of sale documents need to be notarized.  

Kentucky bill of sale

Kentucky Bill of Sale

Types of Kentucky Bill of sale form 

  • Boat bill of sale - A bill of sale that’s used when transferring ownership of a boat/vessel and it records the details of the transaction. 

  • Firearm bill of sale - When private individuals wish to purchase or sell a firearm, this bill of sale is used to document the purchase price and the information of the parties. 

  • General bill of sale - Used to change ownership of various private and personal property such as jewelry, furniture, electronics, etc. 

  • Motor vehicle bill of sale - A Kentucky bill of sale designed to serve as documentation of vehicle purchase or sale. 

Required forms for vehicle registration in Kentucky

  • A duly completed vehicle bill of sale 

  • An odometer disclosure statement (applicable for vehicles under 16,000 pounds and newer than 20 years)

  • An application for a certificate of title/registration 

  • A driver’s license that’s valid in Kentucky and a social security number

  • If the vehicle is being transferred from another state then it needs to be inspected by the county sheriff’s office

  • The applicable registration fees 

  • Current proof of insurance that meets the minimum requirements 

  • If someone else will be registering the vehicle for the owner then a motor vehicle power of attorney is needed. 

Required forms for boat registration in Kentucky 

  • A duly completed boat bill of sale

  • A complete application for title and registration 

  • If the boat is new then the manufacturer’s certificate of origin is required 

  • The original certificate of title that has been signed over by the previous owner.

  • If the boat was built after 1972 then an image or a tracing of the hull ID number is required

  • A driver’s license that’s valid in Kentucky or another form of identification 

  • The applicable registration fees

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