Iowa Bill of Sale Form

The Iowa bill of sale forms are legal documents that serve as evidence of a transaction involving the change of ownership of property that occurred. It can be for personal property, vehicles, firearms, etc., and is between two or more individuals/entities. It outlines the details of the transaction such as purchase price, the information of the involved parties, and details of the property. 

Iowa motor vehicle bill of sale form template

Iowa Bill of Sale Form

4 Types of Iowa Bill fo sale forms 

Boat bill of sale - Used to serve as proof of a change of ownership of boats or vessels in Iowa. 

General bill of sale - A bill of sale used to exchange ownership of private property between two or more people. 

Firearm bill of sale - A document that serves as evidence of the lawful transfer of ownership for a firearm through a sale, purchase, or trade. 

Vehicle bill of sale - A bill of sale is used to record the transaction between two parties that resulted in the transfer of ownership of a vehicle. 

Forms required for vehicle registration

  • A duly completed vehicle bill of sale

  • An odometer disclosure statement for vehicles under 16,000 pounds and newer than 20 years. 

  • A duly completed application for a certificate of title and registration for a vehicle 

  • For vehicles 8 years old and younger, a damage disclosure form is required 

  • A certificate of title that has been signed over to the new owner 

  • A driver’s license that’s valid in Iowa

  • The fees associated with registration 

  • Insurance proof that meets the mandatory minimums 

  • If someone will be registering the vehicle on behalf of the owner, a motor vehicle power of attorney is needed. 


Forms required for boat registration 

  • A completed and signed boat bill of sale 

  • An application for boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, and ORVs, that has been completed 

  • If the boat is brand new then the manufacturer’s certificate of origin is needed 

  • The original certificate of title that has been signed over by the previous owner as well as the current registration 

  • A driver’s license that’s valid in Iowa. If that’s unavailable then a state-issued ID can be used. 

  • The required fees are determined by the length of the boat.

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