Indiana Bill of Sale Form Templates

The Indiana bill of sale forms are documents used to provide proof or evidence that a transaction involving the change of ownership of property has occurred. It can be a purchase, sale, or trade between two or more parties and the bill of sale is often required for registration of certain things like boats and vehicles. They may also require notarization depending on the nature of the transaction. 

Indiana bill of sale

Indiana Bill of Sale Form Templates

Four types of Indiana bill of sale form 

Boat bill of sale - Used as evidence of the transaction and also for registration of the vessel with the proper authorities. 

General bill of sale - Used as proof of a transaction in which private property has a change of ownership. 

Firearm bill of sale - Specifically used to record the change of ownership of a firearm via a trade, sale, or purchase. 

Vehicle bill of sale - A document used by two or more parties who are selling or buying a motor vehicle. It’s also required for registration of the said vehicle. 

Required vehicle registration forms in Indiana

  • A completed bill of sale 

  • An odometer disclosure statement (especially for cars under 16,000 pounds manufactured within the last 20 years) 

  • The certificate of title which has been signed over to the new owner 

  • A completed application for a certificate of title 

  • A driver’s license that’s valid in Indiana 

  • When the vehicle is from out of state, an approved vehicle inspection is required

  • The fees for registration and the title 

  • Proof of insurance that meets the mandatory minimums 

  • If someone will be registering the vehicle on behalf of the owner then a motor vehicle power of attorney is needed

Required documents for boat/vessel registration in Indiana 

  • A completed bill of sale document and if that’s not available then a watercraft ownership affidavit is required 

  • A completed application for a certificate of watercraft title 

  • When taxes have been paid on the vessel, a Certificate of Gross Retail is used 

  • If taxes were not paid because of tax exemption then Use tax exemption for the purchase of a watercraft form is used 

  • If the boat does not have a hull identification number (HIN) then an application for a special identification number should be completed 

  • A driver’s license that’s valid in Indiana or other government-issued ID

  • Fees associated with registration are variable based on the length of the boat

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