Illinois Bill of Sale

The Illinois bill of sale forms are legal documents that serve as proof or evidence about transactions that involve the change of ownership of property. This can range from cars to firearms and can be a sale, purchase, or trade of the property. The terms of the transaction are spelled out and serves to protect the buyer and seller in the event that the transaction is challenged. There are multiple types of Illinois bill of sale forms. 

Illinois motor vehicle bill of sale form template

Illinois Bill of Sale

Types of Illinois bill of sale forms 

Boat bill of sale - A straightforward legal document that serves as proof of the sale, purchase, or trade of a boat. 

General bill of sale - A general purpose document used to record a transaction involving valuable personal property changing ownership. 

Gun bill of sale - A bill of sale document used to record and serve as proof of the lawful private trade, sale, or purchase of a firearm. 

Junk vehicle bill of sale - A specialized bill of sale that’s used as proof of the sale or purchase of a junk vehicle by an individual or salvage business. 

Motor vehicle bill of sale - A document used to prove the transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle through trade, purchase, or sale. 

Required vehicle registration forms in Illinois

  • A duly completed and signed motor vehicle bill of sale form 

  • An odometer disclosure statement for the vehicle if it’s under 20 years old and less than 16,000 pounds. 

  • A completed application for vehicle transfer (VSD 190). It can be filled online but must be submitted within 7 days to a local SOS office. 

  • A signed (by the previous owner) certificate of title 

  • A form called the seller's report of sale (VSD-703)

  • A drivers license that’s valid in Illinois 

  • Tax RUT-50

  • The fees associated with registration which are usually around $150

  • Valid proof of car insurance 

  • If someone is registering the vehicle on behalf of the owner then a motor vehicle power of attorney is also required.

Required boat registration forms Illinois

  • A duly completed bill of sale for boats

  • The Watercraft Registration and title application form (Form IL 422-0321)

  • A certificate of title that was signed by the previous owner or current registration (this only applies to used boats

  • For new boats, they should have the manufacturer’s certification of origin 

  • A driver’s license that’s valid in Illinois or a type of identity card 

  • The fees associated with the registration process 

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