Idaho Bill of Sale

The Idaho bill of sale forms are documents that serve as evidence or proof of a transaction involving the transfer of ownership. The transaction may be a sale, purchase, or trade between two private parties (individuals or entities). In many types of transactions such as a vehicle purchase or a boat sale, the bill of sale is required before the new owner is allowed to duly register their property.Be sure to fill them out properly because it records the transaction that occurred and can serve as protection for all parties involved. 

Idaho motor vehicle bill of sale form ITD 3738

Idaho Bill of Sale

Four types of Idaho bill of sale forms

Boat bill of sale - Used for any vessel transaction involving a change of ownership to prove the purchase, sale, or trade occurred. 

General bill of sale - This bill of sale is used for all types of personal property including but not limited to jewelry, furniture, clothing, etc. It’s often only utilized when the sale/purchase amount is a few hundred dollars or more. 

Gun bill of sale - When a firearm/gun has ownership transferred, this bill of sale is used to serve as proof of the transaction. 

Motor vehicle bill of sale - This bill of sale is a required document when registering a vehicle that was recently purchased or when moving from out of state. It’s used to prove the transaction and lawful change of ownership of the vehicle. 

Required forms for vehicle registration in Idaho 

  • Duly completed bill of sale 

  • An odometer disclosure statement for vehicles manufactured in the last 20 years and under 16,000 pounds 

  • An application for the certificate of title 

  • The release of liability form known as form ITD-3858

  • A driver’s license that is valid in Idaho 

  • For vehicles that are being transferred from out of state, you’ll need a VIN inspection

  • The required registration fees 

  • Valid proof of insurance by one of the active insurance companies 

  • If you want someone else to register the vehicle for you or the county assessor, then a motor vehicle power of attorney is required. 

Required forms for boat registration in Idaho

  • A duly completed and signed bill of sale form

  • A duly completed application for the certificate of title 

  • The certificate of title (from the previous owner if applicable)

  • Proof of identity, typically a driver’s license that’s valid in Idaho. 

  • The required fees for boat registration 

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