Florida Vehicle/Boat Bill of Sale

The Florida vehicle/boat bill of sale (also referred to by its specific name Form HSMV 82050) is a legal document that serves as proof or evidence of a transaction involving the transfer of ownership of a boat or vehicle. The transaction is between two or more parties and may be a purchase, sale, or trade. 

Florida vehicle bill of sale

Florida Vehicle/Boat Bill of Sale

The bill of sale includes important information related to the transaction such as the date, amount of purchase or trade, the boat/vehicle details, etc. The bill of sale is required for the buyer to register the vehicle/vessel in Florida under their name. 

If the vehicle was transferred from out of state then the VIN and Odometer verification form is required. Keep in mind that all vehicles less than 20 years old and under 16,000 pounds must have an odometer disclosure statement.

Vehicle registration in Florida

When a vehicle is transferred to Florida due to the owner taking up residence then it must be registered with the proper authority within fifteen days of the owner’s move. In Florida, there’s an option to renew registration for two years or for one year. Because of this, the renewal time varies from person to person. When the time does come around, it can be renewed online or in person. 

Documents required for vehicle registration in Florida

  • Duly completed and signed bill of sale 

  • VIN and odometer verification form 

  • The original certificate of title (which is signed over by the seller). If it’s lost then an application needs to be filled. 

  • A driver’s license that’s valid in Florida 

  • The applicable fee for registration 

  • Valid proof of insurance that meets the mandatory minimums in Florida

    • $10,000 personal injury protection 

    • $10,000 property damage liability 

  • If someone else will be registering the vehicle as an agent then a motor vehicle power of attorney will be required. 

Boat registration in Florida

Like vehicles, boats must also be registered by the owner after acquisition before they can be used to plie public waterways. Florida requires this process to be done within thirty days of the transaction. The registration may expire after one year or after two years depending on the option selected by the owner. When it’s time for renewal, the boat’s owner can do it in person or online via the official website. 

Documents required for vessel registration 

  • A duly completed and signed bill of sale

  • A certificate of title that has been signed over to the new owner 

  • A duly completed application for a boat title form 

  • A drivers license that’s valid in Florida or other proof of identity 

  • The registration fees

Download our free Florida Vehicle/Boat Bill of Sale in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Florida Vehicle/Boat Bill of Sale in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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