Florida Bill of Sale Form

A Florida bill of sale is a legal document that serves as evidence of a sale, purchase, or trade of property. The property can range from personal proceeds like jewelry and pets to things like firearms and boats. It can be a transaction between an organization and an individual, two or more individuals, or between entities. Note that some types of bill of sale in Florida require notarization. 

Florida vehicle bill of sale form template

Florida Bill of Sale Form

Types of bill of sale form 

General bill of sale - This is a broad form that can be used to sell most personal property excluding things like firearms, boats, and vehicles. 

Vehicle/boat bill of sale - This form is specifically designed to serve as a record of a transaction involving the sale and or purchase of a motor vehicle. 

Firearm bill of sale - The firearm bill of sale is used to sell guns and has specific requirements that need to be adhered to. 

Using bill of sale forms 

Generally speaking, a bill of sale for private property is straightforward. Just fill in the details and after the transaction is complete, both parties sign. You can use our free bill of sale form creator to make your own within a few minutes. 

Certain types of bill of sale forms require more effort and detail to accomplish the end goal. 

Vehicle registration process 

  • Florida, like most states, requires a bill of sale before a vehicle can be legally transferred to a new owner. 

    • The bill of sale needs to be notarized

    • A photo ID must be supplied for registration 

    • Confirm the title is correct and that you get it signed over to you by the current owner. If it doesn’t have a title in Florida then you’ll need to do a VIN search. 

    • An odometer disclosure form is required for vehicles under ten years old and less than 16,000 pounds

    • Proof of insurance in Florida is required 

    • Go prepared with the proper fees 

It’s only after all the documentation is complete and you’ve registered successfully that you’ll get your plates and stickers. At that time, you can drive around the state without worries. 

Florida Boat/Vessel Registration Forms

Florida also requires a bill of sale before you can transfer it to your name after purchase. 

  • The county you reside in will have a vessel registration application that you’ll need to fill

  • You’ll also need the MSO (manufacturers statement of origin) to register your boat

  • The prerequisite registration fees.

Make a personalized Florida Bill of Sale in just a few minutes using our document generation software.

Download our free Florida Bill of Sale in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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