Delaware Bill of Sale

A Delaware bill of sale is a legal document that serves as evidence of the sale, purchase, or transfer of title for a car, boat, pistol/weapon, or even private things such as an air conditioner, puppies, or livestock. In most cases, the sale is completed the same day of the sale, which means that all financial dealings or barter must be concluded before the shift of possession on that date, rather than at a later date. Some sale documents will necessitate the presence of an eyewitness and/or authentication.

Delaware bill of sale form

Delaware Bill of Sale

Delaware bill of sale form types

Boat/vessel Bill of Sale

A Delaware boat/vessel bill of sale legally documents all aspects of a motorized vessel's purchase and sale in the state of Delaware.

Firearm Bill of Sale

A Delaware firearm bill of sale is a legal document that serves as proof of a firearm's sale and transfer of ownership in the state.

Vehicle Bill of Sale

A Delaware vehicle bill of sale is a legal document that a seller gives to a buyer to confirm that the vehicle was purchased.

General Bill of Sale

A Delaware general bill of sale is a document that a seller prepares and gives to a buyer or trader of personal property.

Vessel Documentation Forms in Delaware

  • Boat enrollment request

  • If the vessel is registered in another state, the authentic title must be supplied and the state will keep it.

  • If the vessel originates from a divergent registering state then the documentation will be required with a validated sale's record. 

  • The manufacturer's original certificate of origin (MCO) must be presented if the boat was purchased new from a boat dealer.

  • The hull ID number of the vessel must be shown on all papers.

  • If the vessel is presently filed in Delaware, the former registration card must be shown together with an authenticated sale document that includes a detailed elucidation of the vessel.

  • If both the buyer and the seller arrive in person with their passport photographs, a notarized bill of sale is not required.

  • If your boat isn't registered in Delaware, you'll need a vessel Ramp Certificate Form, which you may get from any local Boat Ramp Agency.

  • Be ready to pay out any registration costs that may be required.

Delaware Forms for registering automobiles

  • a certificate of discharge/security control

  • Auto insurance obtained via a Delaware licensed agent

  • A bill of sale and a subject that has shifted title to you.

  • Identification with a photograph that's valid in the state

  • If registering on behalf of a third party, a motor vehicle power of attorney is needed.

  • Make sure you have enough money to cover all of your registration costs.

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