Connecticut Bill of Sale

A seller provides a buyer with Connecticut bill of sale records, which is legal paperwork. These documents serve as proof of the acquisition, exchange, and transfer of possession like automobiles, watercraft, guns, or any other private belonging(s) bought or sold. Once all parties engaged in the transaction or exchange have signed, the transaction is final. 

Connecticut bill of sale

Connecticut Bill of Sale

Note: Many of the bill of sale documents available here will require a notary public to witness the signing.

Connecticut bill of sale form types

General Bill of Sale

A Connecticut general bill of sale is a document that proves the sale or transaction of an item between two (2) people.

Weapon Bill of Sale

When selling a handgun in Connecticut, a seller must present to the buyer a Connecticut firearm bill of sale (Form DPS-3-C).

Automobile/Boat Bill of Sale

A Connecticut motor vehicle/vessel bill of sale completes the purchase and sale of a motorized vehicle/vessel between a private seller and buyer (Form H-31).

Automobile Filing Records in Connecticut

  • Fill out an enrollment and title request certification (Form H-13);

  • If you're enlisting an old automobile in Connecticut, you'll need your current Certificate of Title and registration certificate;

  • A Sale slip;

  • A valid Connecticut insurance paper is required. Your insurance provider can supply you with an insurance identity paper that must include your name, as well as your:

  • driver's license, 

  • learner's grant 

  • state identity paper,

  • and remittance for your filing costs and any extra fees. 

Vessel Enrollment Forms in Connecticut

All powered boats, regardless of dimension, any boats 19 1/2 feet or extended private vessel, such as a jet ski

First-Time Filing – You must give a physical appearance at your municipal CT. DMV workspace with the following documents.

  • Vessel Registration Application and Certification of Number or Decal (form B-148)

  • Whether purchased from a vessel dealership or an individual, evidence of remittance and shift of ownership (bill of sale) is required.

  • Certificate of Indemnity

  • Private identification or a driver's license

  • All boats built after 1973 are required by federal law to have a serial identification number. When applying for a vessel/boat, the hull number must be supplied. If the vessel has a "CT" number (before Connecticut registration), it must be stated on the request form.

  • Be ready to finance your certification charges when you sign up.

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