California General Bill of Sale

A general bill of sale in California is a legalized document that proves an item was sold or trade was made, and the buyer is legitimately and properly entitled to take proprietorship of the item. Because signatures are being presented, this document requires the presence of a notary.

California general bill of sale form

California General Bill of Sale

Is a Bill of Sale Required in California?

When transferring a minor property in California, you are not required to fill out a bill of sale. Completing one is, nonetheless, a great idea. It will assist you in keeping track of important details and give evidence of purchase. If any legal concerns occur, this evidence may be valuable.

A state-issued general bill of sale is not available in California. To create your own California bill of sale, you may download the template supplied below. As long as you satisfy the state's standards, the custom form you produce will be regarded as genuine proof of purchase.

Bill of Sale Requirements in California

  • Information about the vendor: You must provide your entire name, address, and driver's license number at the very least. You can also enter a daytime phone number in this field.

  • Information for purchasers: The same information regarding the buyer should be included. 

  • Particulars of the property: This block must have the following information to assist in identifying the property: make, size, color, year, and serial number (if applicable).

  • Details about the transaction: At the very least, include the selling date and the item's price. This information must be recorded on the Bill of Sale if the property is given as a gift.

  • If the sale has any special terms, it's a good idea to include them in the contract as well. If any issues occur, this will assist in clarifying the situation. Be as specific as possible; if required, attach a supplementary sheet.

  • Disclosure: If there are any flaws or difficulties with the property, make a note of them. The vendors also mention in this block that the customer agrees to acquire the listed item "as-is" to protect themselves.

  • Signatures: Although the vendor's autograph is required, the purchaser should also sign the form.

The state does not have any precise restrictions for the document's format or size. Prepare two original copies of the form, one for each side to maintain.

Is it required in California to have a bill of sale notarized?

Authenticating a bill of sale is not mandated in California. The state does not require that your transaction be witnessed by a notary; both parties' signatures are enough to constitute the document as a legal contract. At the same time, you can add an authentication block to your General Bill of Sale as you're creating it if you want something more secure.

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