California Firearm Bill of Sale

A California firearm bill of sale is a paper that establishes the legitimacy of a weapon transaction between a purchaser and a vendor in California. It has to be validated, and two eyewitnesses must put their autographs. The state has some of the harshest weapon sales, proprietorship, documentation, and public carry rules in the country. Anyone who desires to own, trade, buy, or carry a pistol in California must first register with the state, pass thorough scrutiny, and show a high degree of proficiency with a handgun.

California firearm bill of sale form

California Firearm Bill of Sale

Trading a weapon in private

In California, only vendors licensed under PEN 26700 through 26915 inclusive are permitted to trade handguns. If a private owner wishes to sell their weapon to another person, they have to utilize a licensed merchant as a middleman to conclude the deal and convey the pistol in person.

Banned from purchasing

The people outlined below are barred from buying or possessing a pistol under California law:

  • Any person who is below eighteen years old;

  • Individuals sentenced of a misdemeanor under PEN 29805 involving spousal or domestic abuse; 

  • Sentenced criminals; 

  • Persons sentenced of unlawfully waving a firearm more than two times under PEN 417;

  • Individuals who have mental diseases; 

  • and drug users (or addicts).

Getting a Weapon Registered

The California Department of Justice keeps a file of all weapons sales and transfers in the state.

Concealed carry

Without a License to Carry a Secret (concealed) Weapon, secret carry is unlawful in California, as stated in PEN 25400. The only people who escape this law are the ones with a restraining order against another person who is of the utmost belief that their life or well-being is threatened, as described in PEN 25600. (a).

How to request a concealed carry permit

In California, you must be twenty-one years old to carry a concealed pistol. Aspirants have to have superb moral character, have an acceptable reason for requesting for a license, reside or work in the county they apply to, and complete a weapon training course that meets the standards of PEN 26165.

Step 1: Fill in a Standard Initial and Renewal Request for a Hidden Handgun Permit.

Step 2: Ensure you have all of the relevant proof.

Step 3: Submit the request by mail or to the applicant's local county sheriff to the California Department of Justice, Hall of Justice, ATTN: CCW Coordinator, 211 West Temple Street, 8th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Step 4: pass background scrutiny carried out by the federal government.

Step 5: In between ninety days of getting the request, the California Department of Justice will accept or reject it.


California has no law that identifies secret (concealed) carry authorization from different states. It is unlawful to carry a hidden weapon with an out-of-state license.

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