California Bill of Sale

California bill of sale forms are legal documents that are needed by an organization, business, or independent party to document a private party's transaction of an object in the state of California if the fee surpasses five hundred US dollars. These papers will act as proof of a transaction among two parties and may be needed for the documentation of an automobile, weapon, or boat.

California vehicle bill of sale form template

California Bill of Sale

They may also be used to prove the buying of a private belonging to protect the buyer from a dishonest vendor. In many circumstances, these documents can only be utilized for record-keeping purposes. A sale slip can help you stay in conformity with state requirements or just act as evidence that property has been legally traded, bought, and moved among two parties, whether it's an organization or two persons.

Types of California bill of sale

Firearm bill of sale

A California firearm bill of sale is a document that establishes the legality of a firearm purchase between a buyer and a seller in the state of California. It must be notarized, and two (2) witnesses must sign it.

General bill of sale

A California general bill of sale is a legal document that proves an item was sold or trade was made, and the buyer is legally and properly entitled to take ownership of the item.

Automobile/vessel bill of sale

A California motor vehicle/vessel bill of sale (Form REG 135) is a purchase and sale document that records the transaction of a motorized vehicle or watercraft between the buyer and seller.

Automobile Documentation Forms in California

  • The title of the car or a request for a title or filing is required (Form Reg 343)

  • a sale slip

  • The current odometer reading must also be included in the title.

  • You will not be required to present a smog certificate if the former owner of the car has re-established the smog certification in the last ninety days and has renewed it for two years – If this isn't the case, a smog paper will be required if the car is below the age of ten. You can input your zip code on the CA.Gov smog inspections webpage to determine if you live in a location that needs smog checkups and, if so, where your municipal station is situated.

  • Evidence of Automatic Indemnity

  • Papers

  • Prepare to payout the title charges, CHP amount, registration charges, and other taxes that may apply.

  • In most cases, security checkups are not required for newer vehicles.

California Forms for registering a vessel

You must register your vessel before it can enter the sea if it is powered by sail and is 8 feet or beyond in height, or if it is mechanized in any way. If your vessel is currently enlisted in a different state and you are relocating to California, you will have a hundred and twenty days to register it. If you use your boat on any type of water in the state after a hundred and twenty days, including private lakes, you will be in breach.

If you are registering a mechanized or sail-equipped vessel for the first time in California, you will need the following:

  • Proof of ownership will be required in the form of a request for enrollment number, a document of ownership, and a Certificate of Number for paperless boats (BOAT 101). This could be an out-of-state title in the entrant's name or one that has been legally endorsed and signed by the applicant for transfer. A sale slip can be used in place of a seller's attestation on a title.

  • OR

  • The prototype of a conditional sale slip or security that is marked "paid" and countersigned and shows the purchaser's name and any claim holder,

  • OR

  • If confirmation of ownership is not available, a bond for the vessel/value boat is required. In addition, if the vehicle's actual value exceeds $2,000, the vessel's value is increased.

  • It will also be essential to register your boat trailer separately.

Take all of your documents, together with evidence of identification, to your municipal DMV and get ready to pay out the registration fees.

Process for Registering Firearms in California

  • You must be at least 21 years old and have a valid state identity and/or driver's license.

  • You will need an ID card or an I-94 number if you are a residing foreigner with permanent resident foreigner status in the United States. In addition, you must have an acceptable California identity paper or driver's license. If you're here on an I-94 visa, you'll need a valid hunting license from the United States, as well as a visa with ninety days of continuous proof of presence.

  • You must have a weapon safety paper, generally called an HSC 

  • OR

  • You'll need documentation of your HSC exemption.

  • The HSC is a positive/negative multiple-choice test with thirty questions. You can miss seven out of thirty questions and still get a passing mark. The HSC is acceptable for five years.

  • You'll have to show evidence of a secondary residence. For resident aliens, ninety days of continuous residency is required, and also ninety days of utility bills with the putative owner's name and present identification papers or license address.

  • It will be necessary to provide a copy of a home sublease or evidence of mortgage.

  • A fee of $25.00

  • It's vital to remember that you must buy and/or document your weapon through a licensed dealer (under Penal Code 27545). There are certain exceptions, such as if you're a collector purchasing or selling firearms that are fifty years old or beyond, you won't need to register.

  • These are the requirements for registering and lawfully possessing a gun in California state. The rules and regulations differ from one city to the next.

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