Arkansas Bill of Sale Form

Arkansas bill of sale forms are documents made available to Arkansas residents that serve as proof of sale or trade between buyers and sellers, signifying the completion of a legal transaction. To register the item purchased, some of the documents are required. Some of them will necessitate notarization. Select the type of paperwork necessary and fill it out once the buyer and seller have completed their negotiations.

Arkansas vehicle bill of sale

Arkansas Bill of Sale Form

Form types

Boat Bill of Sale

The purchase and selling of a motorized boat/vessel in Arkansas is documented by an Arkansas boat bill of sale.

General Bill of Sale

An Arizona general bill of sale proves that a sale has taken place between a seller and a buyer.

Gun Bill of Sale

An Arkansas firearm bill of sale certifies that a firearm was legally sold or traded in Arkansas. It also serves as proof of the firearm's formal transfer of ownership.

Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

An Arkansas motor vehicle bill of sale (Form 10-313) is a legal document that proves ownership of a vehicle has been transferred.

Tax Credit for Replacement Vehicle Bill of Sale

An Arkansas tax credit for replacement vehicle bill of sale is a legal document that permits a person who has sold a car and is now purchasing a new vehicle as a replacement to claim a tax credit.

Motor vehicle registration forms

  • Bill of Sale & Odometer Disclosure Statement;

  • Valid driver’s license

  • Certificate of Title

  • Registration Fees;

  • Insurance evidence with the following minimum requirements: 

    • $25,000 bodily injury per person

    • $50,000 per accident

    • $25,000 property damage

You may also require:

  • Personal Property Tax Number (PPAN) provided by your county assessor

  • Current Year County Tax Assessment

  • Proof of paid tax receipt

  • Lien Contract/Security Agreement

Boat/Vessel Registration

  • Legible Pencil Rubbing or Printed Photograph of the HIN;

  • Bill of Sale;

  • Receipt from County Tax Collector, stating personal taxes were paid (alternatively, a certification of payment stamped on the assessment papers will be accepted);

  • Valid Driver’s License or Photo ID;

  • Assessment from AR County Assessor;

  • Registration Fees ($7.50-$150, depending on the boat’s length); and

  • Proof of Insurance with Minimum Requirements (only boats powered by engines of 50 horsepower):

    • $50,000 or more of liability coverage per occurrence.

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