Virginia Advance Directive (Living Will) Form

In the state of Virginia, both a Living Will and a Medical Power of Attorney are necessary as part of an advanced directive. When a person is unable to make medical choices for themselves, an advance directive allows them to choose a representative who will express their preferences to medical experts in the event of a medical emergency. A person living in the state of Virginia may exercise more control over how they wish to be treated towards the end of their life. 

Virginia advance directive template

Virginia Advance Directive (Living Will) Form

Laws and statutes to adhere to

In line with Section 54.1-2981 of the Code of Federal Regulations (Virginia Health Care Decisions Act)

Requirements needed to complete the signing process- For the process to be completed effectively, two (2) witnesses must observe the signing of the document (54.1-2983).

State Definition for the phrase advance directive-54.1-2982- An advance directive, according to the requirements of 54.1-2983, is either a written document signed by the declarant or an oral declaration made by the declarant after his diagnosis of a terminal disease and under the rules of 54.1-2983 that is designated as an advance directive by the declarant.

How to write a Virginia advance directive

Declaration to be made by the Virginia principal

(1) Virginia Principal's Printed Name- All documents must identify the person in charge of this project, such as "Virginia Principal," on the front of each page. The Virginia Health Care Principal or Declarant should fill out this form with their full name and title. 

A. The Consultation with My Agent.

(2) The name of the principal’s agent is provided. The Virginia Medical Personnel must be aware of who you've designated to represent your health care preferences and treatment instructions if you're unable to communicate them yourself if you're unconscious, confused, or otherwise unable to communicate them. A specific individual should be identified and their contact information should be supplied in Section 1 of the advance directive. Therefore, any Reviewers of this article will be able to match your choices with the function of a Virginia Health Care Agent and will be able to contact you directly as a consequence of your participation.

(3) You are required to provide your email address.

(4) The street address of your residence.

(5) Your Contact information should be provided.

(6) The name of a successor agent. The presence of someone who has been authorized by you to communicate on your behalf is critical when you are unable to contact Virginia Physicians as a result of an accident or sickness. In the event that your Virginia Health Care Agent is no longer qualified, recognized, or refuses to perform their duties as an agent, a secondary agent can take over the responsibilities. This agent must be identified using their full name and their contact information. 

(7) This area requires that you provide your e-mail address.

(8) The street address of your residence.

(9) It is necessary to provide a phone number

B. The Authority Granted to My Agent to Act as My Representative

(10) Determinations Regarding Health-Care Services- Virginia's Health Care Agent can represent you in a variety of situations. Unless you make changes to any of the statements in this agreement, the Health Care Agent will be able to use them. If you sign this statement without making any changes, the information included in it will be used to make treatment choices for you. Accepting, declining, or withdrawing medical treatment on your behalf is the responsibility of your Virginia Health Care Agent who has been authorized by the Virginia Department of Health to act on your behalf. Because it grants him or her a great deal of authority over your health-care choices, you should carefully read the whole declaration. If you are undergoing treatment, your Virginia Health Care Agent should not act in a way that is contrary to your preferences.

(11) It is critical to have access to medical records to properly treat patients. Your Virginia Health Care Agent will have access to, and will be able to handle and read all of your medical and hospital records if this is necessary. Their release will also be possible to be approved if they provide their approval for the sharing of their information.

(12) Medical treatment providers are included here. In other words, as a result of this power assertion, you will have the same hiring and firing authority over your health care providers as the Virginia Health Care Agent.

(13) The Agent's Decision Regarding a Health-Care Facility- The fourth point is that, under this approach, a significant amount of power for admission to or release from a Health-Care Facility was delegated to the appropriate Agent (i.e. a Hospital).

(14) Center for the Rehabilitation of Mental Illness. Fifth, the Virginia Health Care Agent authorizes you to be admitted into a facility for treatment of any mental illness or crisis, as stated in the statement. If you do not want your Virginia Health Care Agent to be able to make such a decision on your behalf, you may choose to delete this statement from your profile.

(15) It's time to establish your authority and dependability. If you are unable to offer informed consent for your treatment, the Virginia Health Care Agent has the authority to overrule your treatment orders. If you are unable to think, need medical or mental health treatment, and express disagreement with their recommendations.

(16) The Study of Health-Care Services-  Virginia Health Care Agent may order you to be admitted to a hospital or mental health facility. Although you are in a potentially life-threatening situation, it is possible to be completely unconscious of your surroundings and any actions that might end up putting your life in danger.

(17) The capacity to comprehend scientific notions and theories. It is the main authority of your Virginia Health Care Agent to authorize your participation in a study if the Institutional Review Board/Research Review Committee has approved it if it is beneficial to your health and if it is in compliance with all applicable state and federal legislation. (16) The Study of Health-Care Services is a term that is used to describe the study of health-care services.

(18) Understanding of scientific concepts and ideas is required. Unless you disagree with the decision of your Virginia Health Care Agent to enroll you in a healthcare research program or institution whose aim is to gather scientific knowledge about your medical condition, you should disregard the eighth statement. The eighth sentence should be scraped out or deleted from the manuscript as a result of this, before submitting it to the Virginia Health Care Agent.

Visitors Are Enticed by a Variety of Incentives Based on your written permission, the Virginia Health Care Agent has the authority to determine who may and cannot visit you in the hospital, as well as when they may visit you. As a visitor to a facility, you'll be granted the power to provide precise instructions to other visitors to the facility.

(19) Following Through on Your Instructions-   It is the legal authority provided to your Virginia Health Care Agent by your will or health care power of attorney that he or she will exercise to manage your medical care in line with your instructions (HCA). The eleventh sentence of this contract must be removed from the contract if you want to prevent a lawsuit from your Virginia Health Care Representative.

(20) Additional powers or constraints should be granted to the Virginia Health Care Agent- This is so that he or she may act on your behalf while making treatment choices.

End-of-life health care.

(21) Efforts to prolong a person's life are severely constrained. If you have concluded that there is no possibility of recovery and that no medical treatments or medications may assist reverse or curing your medical condition, you may advise Virginia Medical Professionals that you do not want to have any life-sustaining care delivered to you at this time.

(22) Obtaining approval for a treatment that will increase your life expectancy. For information about receiving life-sustaining care in the Commonwealth of Virginia if you are approaching death from an incurable medical condition, please see the material in the second paragraph of this page.

(23) Treatment for Longevity. It is recommended that you use the third statement if you want to restrict or condition future access to life-prolonging therapy. Any treatments, procedures, or drugs listed in this statement will have a section where you will be able to describe why you would want to participate in a trial period. Please be as specific as possible.

When You're Persistently incapacitated or unaware

(24) Refusal to undergo treatment that might prolong one's life. If you have been diagnosed with a lifelong condition that causes you to be unconscious of your surroundings or the people in your immediate vicinity, and if Virginia Medical Professionals have determined that you will not recover consciousness, you have the right to decline or oppose life-extending operations or treatments.

(25) The readiness of a person to undergo medical treatment to prolong their life. Virginia Medical Providers should be informed that treatment choices are still accessible to you even if you are chronically unconscious, unable to communicate with others, and unable to grasp your environment and the people around you.

(26) Listed below are the instructions for short-term treatment to increase one's longevity: As long as you are unable to understand or communicate with others around you, you will be permitted to receive life-sustaining treatment for the duration of the trial period specified in the third claim. You will need to be explained the trial period that will be used to determine when and for how long life-prolonging therapy will be permitted if you are unable to comprehend or communicate effectively.

(27) The following are the treatment guidelines that may be followed to increase one's life span.

3. Recommendations from Doctors

Additional Treatments

(28) There are provisions for new healthcare services to be made available. If you have been classified as chronically debilitated, incognizant, or suffering from a fatal medical condition, you must advise the Virginia Medical Professionals who will be responsible for the care of your concerns and expectations. People suffering from long-term medical conditions should make use of this section to submit papers explaining the treatment objectives that they would want the government to pursue or take into consideration.

(Section III) Anatomical Gifts

(29) Donations of Anatomical Gifts for Any Purpose are welcome. For those of you who choose to utilize this document to announce or confirm your status as a Virginia Organ Donor, the third part is very crucial. The initial anatomical donation declaration expresses your agreement to the donation of your organs, tissues, and other biological components after your death, and it must be signed by you.

(30) It is possible to make donations of human body parts for scientific study and research. Those who desire to dedicate their whole careers to science (or research/education) in the state of Virginia have the opportunity to accomplish the following:

(31) Several significant laws regulate the donation of organs and tissues for research purposes. If you want to add all of your organ donation instructions and preferences in one box, you may do so regardless of the anatomical gift directives you have chosen.

Refusal of Approval of a Project

(32) The calendar date on which the event will take place. Maintain your right to request that your medical directives be reviewed by someone who can ensure that they are up to date with your most recent instructions. It is necessary to give a signed copy of this document.

(33) The paper must be signed by the defendant. Please indicate that you are the Virginia Principal in charge of this particular project by entering your name here.

(34) The Signature of a Witness- A driver's license in Virginia may only be obtained if two adults sign your name in front of you, according to the state's requirements. Declaration statements for each signer must be completed and dated by each signer, and then the signer's name must be written on the document as well.

(35) Printed name of the witness

(36) The Witness should append his signature

(37) The full name of the witness is printed

Download our free Virginia advance directive in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Virginia advance directive in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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