Oklahoma Advance Directive Form

Advance directives, which are legal in Oklahoma, describe a person's future health care goals as well as directions for treatment. Choosing a healthcare representative and writing down medical treatment instructions if a person becomes unable to communicate their wishes are both possible via an advance directive. Once signed, the document should be retained by the agent and any close family members who may be involved in the transaction.

Oklahoma advance directive

Oklahoma Advance Directive Form

Laws and Statutes to adhere to

63-3101.4 (Statute)

Requirements needed to complete the signing process-You'll need two witnesses to witness your signing to complete the process (63-3101.4).

Definition of the State- This chapter defines an advance directive for health care as "an instrument prepared under this chapter," which may include a living will or the designation of an agent for health care decisions, as described in Section 3101.4 of this chapter.

How to write an Oklahoma advance directive

1st Article

Living Will

1st Instruction- When An End-of-Life Situation Occurs  

(1) Nutritional Approval utilizing Artificial Means.  For example, if you have been diagnosed with an incurable medical ailment and have determined that you do not want life-extending procedures but do want nourishment and water provided medically (by tube or I.V.), you should choose the first statement.

(2) All artificial nutrition is removed.  By selecting the second statement and writing your name, you are indicating that you oppose all types of artificial nutrition and hydration for yourself and your loved ones, as well as any forms of life-support and life-sustaining procedures.

3) Make a Treatment Request.  If you have been diagnosed with a terminal disease that is expected to result in your death within six months, you must grant Oklahoma physicians authorization to provide life-support or life-sustaining therapy.

(4) Detailed Direct Instructions -Using specific suggestions is possible if you have a life-threatening medical condition that is likely to kill you within six months after receiving the advice. Consider the following scenario: You may wish to supplement your diet with nutrients or water for a brief length of time, or even as a test.

A persistent vegetative state Follow 2nd Directive

(5 ) Approval of supplemental artificial nutrition. If you are left permanently unconscious, Oklahoma Medical Providers will nearly always attempt to extend your life unless you provide them with express instructions to the contrary. The fact that you are unable to ingest fluids while sleeping means that your caregivers will do all they can to keep you from being malnourished or dehydrated. While you don't want life-sustaining care to be denied to you, you also don't want artificial food and drink to be provided to you as a meal replacement. If you sign this declaration, your physicians in Oklahoma will be able to feed and hydrate you via the use of an intravenous line or by putting a tube into your stomach.

(6) Artificial Nutrition Is Not Accepted. Under Directive 2, please sign the second paragraph to indicate that you are willing to undergo life-sustaining treatments and therapy while unconscious, but that you do not want medical food or drink administered to your body.

(7) Insist on a comprehensive treatment plan that includes artificial nutrition. It is the responsibility of Oklahoma Medical Providers to deliver both life-sustaining treatments and to ensure that you are well-nourished and appropriately hydrated, regardless of whether you need artificial feeding or water provision.

(8) Further Instructions- You must submit all of your instructions at the time of signing for this document to be able to create your directions. Once you've been appropriately diagnosed with persistent unconsciousness, all treatment suggestions you get from Oklahoma Health Care Professionals will be based on this diagnosis, unless otherwise specified.

3rd Directive When You're at the End of Your Treatment

(9) Requiring artificial nutrition without receiving treatment to prolong life. In Oklahoma, medical professionals accept that when a person is on the verge of death or in the latter stages of a life-threatening medical illness, their bodies will begin to fail at certain duties, such as eating and drinking. When this happens, Oklahoman physicians will visit this place to ensure that your instructions have been followed. Although you do not want life-extending therapy, Oklahoma Medical Personnel should be notified that you still want your nourishment and hydration levels maintained at a healthy level, even if this entails inserting a tube or utilizing an intravenous feeding device.

10. Refrain from accepting artificial nutrition or life extension procedures. You may use this area to notify Oklahoma physicians that you do not desire to have life-saving treatments performed on you, or that you do not wish to be fed or given fluids via an IV or a feeding tube. Choosing the second statement will result in the creation of this declaration.

(11) Permission to use artificial nutrition to extend life If you have been diagnosed as near-death and sign the third declaration with your initials, Oklahoma Medical Personnel will use medical technology to pump nutrients and liquids into your system to keep you alive.

(12) 4th Directive Additional Information and Instructions.  The progression of a life-threatening or deadly medical illness to its final stage nearly always results in death for the patient. Please be advised that an attachment containing this material has been provided and that Oklahoma Medical Professionals and other document reviewers are encouraged to seek more information from the source.

4th Oklahoma Advance Directive Additional Instructions or Preferences

(13) The Explanation of the Directive in detail. Existing medical challenges that may have an impact on treatment in Ohio, extra particular instructions you want to record, and concerns about the quality of life are all deemed appropriate to include in background information in the majority of cases. It is necessary to incorporate all of this information in this paper, which has provided sufficient space under Directive 4.

(14) The term "acknowledgment" is a polite method of expressing gratitude for someone or something you have received. Since this website is a public forum, any comments submitted here must be authorized by you in writing before they are published. If you want to utilize a Health Care Surrogate as well as an Alternate Surrogate, you should provide additional contact information in this section of the document.

Article 2: The Appointment of My Health-Care Representative

(15) Oklahoma's Health Care Proxy Act. It may be advisable to designate an Oklahoma Health Care Surrogate to represent you. This Party will advocate on your behalf for treatment choices that are not covered by your living will or health care proxy. This appointment cannot be scheduled until the complete name of your Health Care Surrogate has been supplied. The Oklahoma physicians who treat you will confer with this party if medical choices must be made that go outside the scope of your living will.

(16) Having a Health Care Proxy in Oklahoma with an Alternate. Health Care Surrogate may be very beneficial when you need to make a treatment choice and your Oklahoma Physicians are unavailable or unwilling to contact your Health Care Surrogate on your behalf. If your original Surrogate rejects or is unable to accept the Oklahoma Health Care Proxy or Surrogacy role, an Alternate Surrogate will be permitted to transmit your desires.

3rd Part Anatomy's Gifts

(17) What use do we have for anatomical Gifts?  In Oklahoma, you may express your desire to donate an organ by signing a consent form. As an Oklahoma organ donor, you must check the boxes that indicate why you want to give your body for transplantation of an organ. Donating a kidney to the state of Oklahoma for transplantation, treatment, breakthroughs in medical or dental science, or research and education, to name a few possibilities.

(18) Different Kinds of Anatomical Gifts. Bringing up the idea of future anatomical bequests is appropriate at this point. If you prefer to give your whole body, check the box next to "My Entire Body" and write "Yes" in the space provided. Otherwise, go through the list of anatomical contributions that are acceptable and tick the boxes next to the ones that you think are appropriate.

Article IV: General Requirements

(19) Anatomical Donations That Have Been Approved You have a variety of options when it comes to anatomical presents. After checking the box that says you only want to give "the following" bodily parts, write "Yes" next to each organ, tissue, or part of your body that you intend to donate after checking the box that says you only want to donate "the following" bodily parts.

(20) Date of Signature- Examine the whole paper, including any attachments, for any potential problems. Your health care directives in Oklahoma may be put into effect on the same day that you sign them if these things accurately describe your health care preferences in the state.

(21) Signature of Oklahoma's Principal

Afterward, in the presence of two Adult Witnesses (both adults), sign your name in this direction and attach any supporting documentation.

Counties and Municipalities are two types of government (nineteen) It's important to provide the city and county where you reside.

(23) Birthdate.

(23) Signatures of Witnesses and Addresses. Both Oklahoma Witnesses must write their names and identify their addresses under the affirmation statement affirming that your signature was legally and deliberately applied to this document while they were there.

Download our free Oklahoma advance directive in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Oklahoma advance directive in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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