New Mexico Advance Directive (Living Will) Form

A New Mexico advance directive is a legal agreement that enables someone in New Mexico to choose a healthcare agent to oversee their medical choices in the event of their death or incapacitation. They are also known as living wills. People over the age of 65 and those who are sick often have advance directives in place. In the case that a patient is no longer able to communicate for himself or herself, this document presents medical professionals with a plan for determining the best course of action.

New Mexico advance directive

New Mexico Advance Directive (Living Will) Form

Laws and statutes to adhere to

Article 7A of the Statute is found in Chapter 24, Section 24. ( Uniform Health Care Decisions)

Requirements to complete the signing Process- (24-7A-2(B) and 24-7A-4 (Part 3). However, 24-7A-4 suggests a total of two (2) witnesses notwithstanding this.

State Definition – (§ 24-7A-1(A))- According to the state definition, "advance health-care directives" are instructions or a power of attorney for health care that is given while the person is still able to make decisions for themselves.

How to write a New Mexico advance directive

Nomination of an agent

(1) Agent's Name. It is necessary to put the name of your New Mexico Health Care Agent into the appointment box once you have made your decision about who your agent should be. This should be a person with whom you regularly communicate about your medical treatment options and views.

(2) Agent's address in New Mexico.

(3) New Mexico Agent's telephone number(s).

(4) The First Alternate Agent's Name. Your Health Care Agent in New Mexico will likely be unable to represent you if you are approached by a physician in the state of New Mexico. Perhaps his or her authority has been revoked, they have become unreachable, or they have refused to take action when it has been requested of them. In the case that the New Mexico Health Care Agency is no longer able to operate, it is necessary to choose alternative representatives. Following the rejection or disqualification of your current agent, the First Alternate Agent will be summoned for this position. The First Alternate Agent will only be granted the major powers of this contract if he or she is required to function as your New Mexico Health Care Representative.

(5) The contact information for the first alternate agent.

(6) First Alternate Agent's Telephone Number(s).

(7) Second Alternate Agent's Name. A Second Successor Agent may be appointed as your New Mexico Health Care Agent only if your New Mexico Health Care Agent or First Alternative is unable, unwilling, or does not want to communicate your medical decisions to New Mexico physicians on your behalf. You must provide the whole name of the Party whose Second Successor Agent function you want to request.

(8) The contact information for the Second Alternate Agent.

(9) Telephone Number of a Second Alternate Agent (s).

The Authority and Influence of the Agent

(10) Examine And Discuss The Authority Of The Health Care Agent. The New Mexico Health Care Agent will be able to act on your behalf by exercising the authority you provide him or her via this form to make, implement, and communicate treatment decisions on your behalf. Health Care Agents in New Mexico have the authority to make decisions on your behalf about a wide range of treatments and activities. Take a look at this list. Any elements that indicate an area that you do not want your New Mexico Health Care Agent to have access to are marked off, so restricting the capabilities of your New Mexico Health Care Agent Please feel free to specify these restrictions.

(11) There are certain limits in place. An area is provided for you to record any constraints you want to place on the principal powers of your New Mexico Health Care Agent, as well as any duties you wish to impose on this Agent to follow the particular instructions you provide.

When the Power and Influence of the Agent Becomes Effective

 (12) Establishing The Effective Date. To the authorization you grant to your New Mexico Health Care Agent via the sections above, you must provide a date on which it will take effect (or start date). If you sign this agreement, many people will choose to allow this document to set the date of effect as the first day you are diagnosed with a severe disease while uncommunicative or in a vegetative state; however, if you prefer, you can set the date of effect as the same day as the date of signature. It is possible to make the date of your signature the effective date of the powers you are providing by ticking the appropriate checkbox on the declaration statement.

A Guardian has been appointed

(13) It is possible to appoint an agent as a guardian. This ruling makes it possible to appoint a Court-appointed Guardian for the benefit of the children. If the New Mexico Courts determine that an appointment for this post is required, the New Mexico Health Care Agent will be the one who is automatically recommended for the position in question. It should be emphasized that this nomination will have no bearing on the likelihood that your Health Care Agent would also be appointed as a guardian by the courts, although such a nomination would generally be taken into consideration. Simply cross out, delete, or otherwise remove Article 5 of this agreement if you do not want your New Mexico health care agent to be designated as your guardian by the courts of New Mexico.

Part 2: Health Care Directives

Making Decisions Regarding One's End-of-Life Situation

(14) Opt-Out of Life Prolongation. When you are towards the end of your life or are in a chronic coma, it is normally recommended that you decide on whether or not to pursue life-prolonging treatment. The first directive statement allows you to inform New Mexico doctors that you do not want life-prolonging treatment to be provided if there is no chance of recovery from the condition being treated.

(15) You have the option of extending your life if you so want. If you've chosen to accept life-support to extend your life when you're near to death or in a coma, you've granted your consent to do so by initialing the second sentence of this section.

(16) Allow the agent to decide for you. For your New Mexico Health Care Agent to have the power to decide whether or not life-prolonging treatment should be provided, you must complete these documents.

Nutrition And Hydration Through Artificial Means

(17) Refusing to consume Artificial Nutrition. Your body will eventually need nutrients that can only be provided to you by medical methods if you are suffering from a life-threatening disease, are chronically unconscious, or are both. If you are allowed to do so, it will save you from starving to death and may even prolong your life. It is possible to indicate that you do not want medicinal sustenance administered to your body through a tube or an IV by initialing the first statement on the subject in the New Mexico Physicians' records.

(18) Approval of Artificial nutrition. A medically provided diet to avert starvation must be allowed by initialing a second statement if you are permanently comatose or have been diagnosed with a life-threatening and untreatable condition.

(19) Refusing to accept and consume artificial hydration. The idea of artificial hydration is presently being addressed. Fluids are often administered by an IV or a tube (water, saline solution, etc.). You have the option to reject any hydration attempts that are carried out using these procedures by signing the corresponding rejection declaration.

(20) Approval of Artificial Hydration.  By signing the document, you are giving New Mexico Doctors permission to administer fluids and water directly to your gastrointestinal system or bloodstream to prevent dehydration while you are permanently comatose or have been diagnosed with a terminal medical condition, whichever comes first.

Getting Rid of the Ache and pain

(21) Instructions for managing pain. Adding or eliminating language from the statement requesting that pain management measures be used whenever necessary to keep you comfortable are both options available to you. Though you do not want to use any pain management procedures or pharmaceuticals, you may put them on your list even if state laws necessitate the provision of any comfort measures (e.g., to preserve cleanliness).

Designation of Anatomical Gifts

(22) Authorization for Anatomical Gifts.  By selecting the appropriate statement from the drop-down menu on this form, you may declare your willingness to donate your organs and other body parts after your death.

(23) Gifts of Anatomy that have been partially authorized. Option 2 should be used if you only wish to allow for the specific organ, tissue, and muscle donations and no other body parts to be donated at any time. The following section should be used for a comprehensive summary of all the contributions that have been authorized.

(24) Restriction on the Anatomical Gift of a person. It is possible to use this form to indicate that you do not want any anatomical gifts to be made after your death by initialing the third option provided in this portion of the questionnaire.

(25) The agents of New Mexico have the authority to make decisions. Anyone who wishes to opt out of making or refusing anatomical contributions may do so by signing and submitting the final declaration to their New Mexico Health Care Representative.

Extra Gifts and bonuses

(26) The governor of the state of New Mexico issued the directives. Write down any further instructions you'd want to send to New Mexico Medical Professionals or your Health Care Agent in the space labeled "Other Wishes" on the next page. You may obtain answers to your questions on what to do if you are unable to talk or communicate, have been diagnosed with a fatal medical condition, and/or are in a vegetative state in this section.

Part 3 of the Designation of Primary Care Providers (s)

(27) The name of the physician. For your Primary Physician to be able to offer information about your current treatment and, if possible, assume responsibility for your medical care, it is strongly advised that you supply the entire name of your doctor.

(28) Primary Physician's Address And Phone Number. The name of your main physician must be accompanied by your contact information, which includes a phone number and email address.

(29)The name of an alternate doctor. It is conceivable that your main physician may be unavailable or will be unable to provide you with the therapy you need at some time in the future for a variety of reasons. If you would like to have your Alternate Physician contact you in the case that your Primary Physician is unable to do so, please enter the entire name of your Alternate Physician.

(30) An alternate address and phone number for the physician to be used.

The Signature of the Principal

(31) You must append your signature. The State of New Mexico requires your signature on this agreement before it can be put into force. Two adults need to be there to witness your signing, which you should consider. If you are satisfied with the content of the instruction, be sure to sign your name after giving it a thorough examination.

(32) - Signature and date of signing. Ensure that you sign the document as the New Mexico Principal and that you make a note of the current date as you complete it.

(33) Fill in the blanks with your name if one is available.

(34)Your Social Security Number (SSN) is (Optional). An optional report in this signature area asks for your social security number to authenticate your identity to New Mexico physicians who are assessing this document. It is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to give it.

(35) Your Postal Address is required (if any).

Witnesses' Signatures

(36) Signature of the first witness, as well as the date of the witness' signature. To demonstrate that you signed this agreement while fully conscious and able to understand your actions, two adults may be called upon to act in your place as witnesses. Individuals who choose to testify in this fashion must sign their names on the witness stand. To go to the next line in the First Witness column, the First Witness must sign his or her name and date the signature before moving to the following line.

(37) The first witness's name and address are included on the form.

(38) Signature And Date Of The Second Witness.  The second Witness should write his or her name and then proclaim the current date as the date on which he or she signed as part of your signature as part of the signing process.

(39) The name and address of the second witness are printed.

Download our free New Mexico advance directive in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free New Mexico advance directive in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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