Hawaii Advance Health Care Directive

The Hawaii advance health care directive permits an individual to choose a health care representative to deal with their medical treatment choices. The document also gives guidelines to clinical staff on the best way to administer treatments in case of being permanently paralyzed or incapacitated. Advance directives, consequently, are normal for older people or anyone looking to plan for their health care.

Hawaii advance directive template

Hawaii Advance Health Care Directive

The following are contained in the Advance Directive 

  • Part 1. Individual Guidelines for Medical Care

  • Part 2. Medical Care Power of Attorney Representative’s Authority and Obligation


Statute – Chapter 327E (Uniform Health Care Decisions) 

Signing Requirements (§ 327E-3(b)) – Two witnesses or a notary public must sign the document. Individuals approved to go about as witnesses are explicitly characterized in § 327E-3(c)(d). 

State Definition (§ 327E-2) – "Advance medical care order" signifies singular guidance or authority of a lawyer for medical services.

Step by step instructions to write a Hawaii advance directive 

Hawaii Principal Identity 

(1) Document Date. There should be a date on the directive that is being written. The date the document is finished or used for the first time should be recorded. 

(2) Your Name. This document should be set up as per your order by being recognized as the Principal or Declarant in Hawaii giving directions on treatment for Doctors in Hawaii that are going to attend to you in the future.

(3) Full Address.

Part 1: Individual Instructions For Health Care

(4) Choice To Prolong Or Not To Prolong Life. The primary authoritative guidance needed from the Declarant in Hawaii is introduced as a decision. If the Declarant in Hawaii is in a state of unconsciousness (coma) because of a critical medical ailment (that is, they are survivors of a mishap that is life-threatening or entered into a state of unconsciousness from an already existing medical ailment) then medical care personnel in Hawaii will look for the consent of the Principal to utilize methods that supports life or methods that prolong life to keep their body from decaying. This might include strategies going from dialysis to intubation contingent upon the Hawaii Declarant's condition and the laid-down therapy stated in the advance directive. For prolonging life, statement 1 should be indicated. Also, Declarant in Hawaii might desire to pronounce explicit therapies as unsuitable when the person in question has a medical condition that has no cure or has entered a state of permanent unconsciousness. Provided that this is true, then, Statement 2's orders should be reviewed. 

(5) Artificial Nutrition And Hydration (Food And Fluids) By Tube. The Principal in Hawaii additionally has the chance to approve the artificial form of transferring nutrition and fluids when they can't acquire nutrition by drinking or eating physically as well as not being able to physically carry out these tasks. An order on getting an artificial form of nutrition and fluids that will demand Doctors in Hawaii to give food and water (regardless if it is artificial) consistently or to inform Medical care personnel in Hawaii that the Declarant won't be able to take food or water through a machine or a pipe should be stated by indicating in the suitable area.

(6) Relief From Pain. When a Principal is suffering due to an end-phase situation or on the occasion of being permanently incapacitated (for example damage to the brain), then, Hawaii Physicians will endeavor to acquire your endorsement to manage the pain. Assuming you desire to be administered pain medications as lawfully permitted, the proper option in Declaration C should be selected. To reject management of pain you should indicate where necessary.

(7) Ethical, Religious, Or Spiritual Instructions. As the Declarant or Principal in Hawaii giving this order, you might introduce the contact data and the full name of the congregation, spiritual association, or religious gathering that you want to inform regarding your debilitating or life-threatening ailment. You may likewise incorporate any appropriate end-phase guidelines as regards your spiritual requirements.

(8) Hospice Care. Many go to a home providing care for the sick or terminally ill for help. Select the box "No" or "Yes" to show indicate your desires related to hospice care.

(9) Primary Care Physician. The complete name and contact details of the first doctor you want to be reached for information in regards to your ailment ought to be included in the advance directive in order to benefit the Hawaii doctor that is going to be attending to you in the future.

(10) Other Wishes. Some other guidelines in regards to medical treatment and care decisions that you want Hawaii doctors to know about or stick to if you are delivered in a state where you’re incapacitated or unable to make rational decisions may be included in this document. A duplicate of your other wishes may be documented with extra parties. Select each Party that will hold a duplicate of your clinical orders from the rundown given.

Part 2 Health Care Power Of Attorney Agent’s Authority

(11) Name Of Agent. This directive gives the choice to delegate a Medical care Attorney-in-Fact or Representative in Hawaii who is acknowledged to speak with Hawaii Physicians and decide a clinical treatment if you are in a state of unconsciousness (coma) or unable to communicate. This individual can possibly execute this role if they are given the position. 

(12) Agent Relationship. The relationship that exists between the principal or Declarant and the Medical care Attorney-in-Fact or Representative in Hawaii ought to be recorded. 

(13) Full Address. 

(14) Direct Agent Contact. The current and active phone numbers (that is residential, place of work, cell, and so forth) of the Medical care Attorney-in-Fact in Hawaii ought to be provided alongside their email.

(15) Name Of Alternate Agent. An extra individual can be assigned in this form to be known as a backup agent who doesn't have the power to execute the Principal’s orders except if the Medical Care Representative in Hawaii that was assigned above is inaccessible, precluded, unfit, or reluctant to execute medical choices in the interest of the possible Patient or Principal in Hawaii this form is meant for. This precautionary measure can save significant time as it empowers the Principal to make the portrayal of their medical mandates stay open to doctors in Hawaii regardless of whether their best option of Medical Care Representative is not available to carry out this job effectively when the individual is in a state of incapacitation or unconsciousness.

(16) Relationship.

(17) Full Address.

(18) Alternate Agent Contact Information.

Health Care Agent And Decision Making

(19) Level Of Authority.  The Principal in Hawaii is urged to survey the standing powers that are given by this document. These might be eliminated by erasing them or canceling them using a straight line. In any case, a proper Professional, for example, a Healthcare lawyer or a doctor ought to be met for advice before executing such a directive.

(20) Time Of Effect. At the point when the Medical care Representative in Hawaii or Healthcare lawyer has ascribed the position to represent your medical choices can be put on the exact day that you are determined as debilitated and unfit to speak up or the second your saw or authorized signature is delivered to this order. The explanations permitting this assurance to be administered ought to be supported by indication.

Your Name And Signature

(21) Print Your Name. The complete name of the Principal in Hawaii alongside their residential address ought to be given at the time the Principal in Hawaii signed the form.

(22) Your Signature. The signature on the report must only be duly signed by the Principal in Hawaii.

(23) Date. The report requires a signature that can be verified to be given by the Principal in Hawaii. This implies the signature the individual gave should be appended to a particular scheduled date that has been given previously with two observers present at least. The Principal in Hawaii should deliver the date they signed not long prior to executing this report. 

Witness Testimony Option

 (24) Witness # 1. The primary Witness to check your demonstration of signing should print their name, give a signature that is dated, and supply their residential location.

(25) Witness # 2. The second Witness in participation should assume responsibility for this document once the main Witness has finished signing the document. Witness #2 should verify your signature by writing and putting a signature to their name, recording the present date, as well as writing their current residential location.

Notary Public Option

(26) Notarization. In the event that you have chosen to put a signature to this report as the Declarant in Hawaii with a legal (notary) official present, then, at that point, the person will authenticate that you have correctly signed in the space given utilizing their certifications.

Download our free Hawaii advance directive in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Hawaii advance directive in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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