California Advance Directive

The California Advance Directive ( Living Will) Form, permits a person to pick a representative to settle clinical choices for their sake and choose end-of-life treatment. This directive is a combination of a medical POA (Power of Attorney) plus a living will. This is typically prescribed for aged people and those that are to undergo life-threatening medical processes. Its objective is to permit friends and family to determine clinical choices for an individual's sake, while following their wishes, and to lay out their favored life-preserving treatment choices. 

California advance directive

California Advance Directive

Advance Directive Incorporates 

  • Section 1. POA  for Medical care 

  • Section 2. Directives for Medical Care 

  • Section 3. After Death Gifting of Organs, Parts, and Tissues

  • Section 4. Primary Caregiver  (Physician)

  • Section 5. Authorized Signatures

  • Section 6. Unique Witness requirements 


ResolutionPROB § 4701 

Signing Prerequisites (PROB § 4701) – Two witnesses or a legal representative must sign, along with the principal. 

Definition by State (PROB § 4605) – "Advance health care directive" or "advance directive" signifies either a medical care guidance or help of a lawyer for medical services." 


Anyone (individuals) can enroll an advance directive by finishing the enlistment document (SFL-461), including a check payment for $10, and mailing it to the state address.

Step by step instructions to Compose 

Section 1 POA ( Power of Attorney) for Medical care 

(1.1) Identification of Representative

(1 Representative’s Name. The California medical services personnel addressing your clinical therapy inclinations to doctors in California should be listed for the advance directive to be viable. California Doctors will accept that you approve the individual you provide as your medical care representative as being competent with your clinical therapy convictions and can address them exactly as expected. 

(2) Complete Address. Link your Medical care representative's street number to their identification document. Ensure this is where your representative can be found and can get any documentation concerning your medical care. 

(3) Phone Contact. Write all phone numbers that your medical care representative can be readily contacted at. 

(4) First Substitute California Medical Care Representative. If your chosen agent is unable to perform their tasks for whatever reason, a secondary agent can take over the responsibilities. This document also records the substitute representative to settle on clinical choices with your authority as the substitute California medical care representative 

(5) First Substitute Representative's Location. 

(6) First California Substitute's Telephone Number(s). 

(7) Second Substitute California Medical care representative. On the off chance that your first substitute has been contacted to supplant your California medical services representative but denies this job or is inaccessible, then, at that point, it will be valuable to have another California substitute medical services agent pre-endorsed to accept the authority needed to address your treatment. Mention the party you wish to support as your agent should the initial substitute be unable to represent you. 

(8) Second California Substitute Specialist's Location. 

(9) Second California Substitute's Telephone Number(s). 

(1.2) Representative's Authority

(10) Patient’s Arrangements And Guidelines. Patients utilizing the advance directive to choose a medical care specialist ought to consider if their representative’s use of the patient’s control ought to be restricted with the goal that it avoids specific choices or activities. You can restrict your agent’s capacity either by expressing such limitations clearly or by forcing explicit directions focused on your representative and California clinical staff that will override your representative's position. 

(1.3) When Representatives’ Power Becomes legal and binding

(11) Announcing The Viable Date. The date that the advance directive agent will be permitted to wield the authority outlined in the document should be stated. It can also be stated that the authority of the agent only comes into effect if certain conditions are met such as incapacitation. Of course, the principal has the option to address their orders promptly following the signing (signature) of this record. 

(1.5) Representative's Post Demise Control

(12) California Post Demise Guidelines. Instructions regarding how the patient wishes their body to be handled after their death can be incorporated with this report. Such orders can include guidelines for memorial services, examinations, incineration/internment, and organ gift in the space given. 

Section 2. Directives For Medical Care(2.1) End-Of-Life Choices 

(13) Increasing life expectancy artificially. California doctors will look for the patient’s therapy choices when confronted with the decision of zeroing in on clinical objectives to extend their life or to give solace and keep the patient aggravation free (if conceivable). This mandate can be cultivated by choosing Articulation (A) or Proclamation (B). 

(2.2) Alleviation From Agony (Pain) 

(14) Pain management. The patient's choices on the methods and medicine that doctors in this state might have to use to control the patient's pain can be talked about through this form. Any constraints or limitations the patient wishes to set on (pain) agony care methods and meds in California ought to be expressed appropriately

(2.3) Additional Desires (Wishes)

(15) Extra Advance Directive Instructions. While the overall position of pointing the California patient (or Head) care to zero in on one or the other life span and dragging out life or giving solace and keeping torment free, there might be conditions, constraints, or explicit treatment inclinations that the patient wishes applied to the assertion chosen in area 2.1. Assuming this is the case, utilize the region that has been incorporated to introduce all such orders. 

Section 3. After Death Gifting (Donation) of Organs, Parts, and Tissues (by choice)

(16) Donation of organs in California. The patient can offer a conclusive expression in regards to organ gifts and other physical gifts with this order. To approve a physical gift made after death, the California patient should choose the checkbox relating to the approval proclamation given. This demonstration will pronounce the aim to make organ gifts. 

(17) Limitations Upon Organ Gifts. A rundown of organ gift demand objectives that will be approved for gift by the California patient has been shown. In the event that any of these objectives are not endorsed by the patient as being one for an organ gift to be made, then, at that point, strike through it or erase it from the list. Extra guidelines or conditions the California principal wishes set on all organ gift solicitations ought to be incorporated to be viewed as a feature of these mandates. 

Section 4.  Primary Caregiver  (Physician)

(4.1) Primary Care Doctor 

(18) Name Of Doctor. It is unequivocally suggested that the character of the California Patient's Essential Doctor is put at the removal of future California Clinical Staff exploring the Important's mandates. Record the complete name of the Foremost's Essential Doctor. 

(19) Address And Telephone. The total location and telephone number where the Vital's Essential Doctor can be reached ought to be apportioned. On the off chance that the Essential Doctor must be reached through an Establishment like a Clinic, then, at that point, try to incorporate this current Substance's name as a component of the location. 

(20) Auxiliary Doctor. A region where the California Patient's subsequent option for Essential Doctor has been provided with the goal that Commentators might, in any case, acquire data about the Chief's ailment regardless of whether their Essential Doctor is inaccessible or can't be reached. 

(21) Second Doctor Contact Data. 

Section 5 

(5.2) Signature

(22) Dated Signature. This record should be endorsed by the California Patient. The state will anticipate that this signature should be unquestionable along these lines, the California patient should archive the current date and give their compelling signature while an Observer or a Legal official Public watches. 

(23) Printed Name Of California Patient. 

(24) Address. The legitimate location of the California Patient ought to be introduced once the person in question finishes the marking. 

(5.3) Articulation Of Witnesses 

(25) Witness Name And Address. The Assertion Of Witnesses is set as an affirmation of the Signature of Observer's capabilities just as the legitimacy of the signature of the California patient. Each Witness must self-relate to their printed name and address. 

(26) Witness Signature. The two Observers should sign their names and produce a record of the current date. 

(5.4)  Addition to the Statement of Witness 

(27) Witness Declaration. Somewhere around one Observer should have the option to say that the person in question isn't identified with the California Head and not qualified for any piece of the Essential's domain upon death. To exhibit this capability, the Observer should sign their name. If necessary, adequate space has been accommodated for the two Observers to give such a declaration. 

Section 6. Unique Witness Necessary requirements 

(28) Explanation Of Patient Backer Or Ombudsman. In the event that the California Patient is an inhabitant of a high-level medical services office, then, at that point, their patient backer (or patient ombudsman) should give an observer declaration that the signature made by the California patient is real. An uncommon assertion for this party has been given where the patient backer or obudsman should archive the date of their signature and recognize the declaration by signature. 

(29) Patient Backer Or Ombudsman Data. The Patient Backer or Ombudsman giving the signature declaration above should record their location and the printed name also. 

Affirmation (Acknowledgement)
(30) Legal official( Notary). As verification of the principal’s signature, a notary public should be present at the execution and also acknowledge the signature.

Download our free California advance directive in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free California advance directive in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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