About UsefulPDF and the team

UsefulPDF - We power business processes with intelligent, beautiful, and

UsefulPDF is a simple product with a simple goal - make it simple to work with documents, speed up signing, and streamline your business processes. That’s a lot of simples, we know. While it’s not always easy to accomplish our stated mission, we pour our sweat, tears, time, and energy into making it a reality.

We’ve been there and used the business software that’s bulky, unruly, and almost useless. We’ve experienced when software that barely works gets thrust on you, and you have to use it for three years because the contract is in effect.

That’s the opposite of what we’re creating a UsefulPDF. The founding team comes from a software background for small businesses. You know, if it’s too hard to use then they’ll drop it like a bad habit. Even though bad habits aren’t too easy to cut.

We digress.

We’re building UsefulPDF to bridge the gap between function and form. If it’s not easy to use and doesn’t enhance your work, then we’ve failed. But, judging from the large number of people using UsefulPDF, we’ve done something right.

About UsefulPDF

As far as we’re concerned, UsefulPDF is only in the early stages, and we’re going to be rolling out more features, tackling more use cases, and making work fun again (yes, work can be fun).

If you’re enjoying what we’re building and want to see new features, then drop us a line. We read every message and reply to most.

Oh, about the people that started the company

Daniel Ndukwu and Ihunanyachi Thompson founded UsefulPDF. They’re entrepreneurs who have multiple companies such as KyLeads and GrowthBoost under their belt. Previously, they focused on brands with a relatively narrow appeal. Now, they’re tackling a big hairy problem.

Is it challenging?


Does that make it more worthwhile?

Damn straight.

Our Core Values


There’s enough complicated software out there. We want to make work just a bit easier. That’s what happens when you have simple tools that work.


We believe all the answers are there if you just listen. We listen deeply, talk sparingly, and put those insights into action.


No idea is a bad one – only underdeveloped. We’re biased towards creating new ideas and pursuing them to their conclusion as quickly as possible.


We launch quickly and often. New features and new tools are always in the works to better serve our growing user base.


What good is listening and launching if we’re not learning along the way? We’re meticulous about documenting our wins and losses so we can create a repeatable process to better serve our users.